Supported formats in GISpipe

  Description The File Extension ESRI Shape File shp AutoCAD DXF File dxf Epanet File inp   The file name defined in the GISpipe. Type File Name Water Pipe WTL_PIPE_LM.shp WTL_PIPE_LS.shp  Supply Pipe  WTL_SPLY_LS.shp Service Reservoir  WTL_SERV_PS.shp  Valve WTL_VALV_PS.shp Pressure Gauge WTL_PRGA_PS.shp Flow Gauge WTL_FLOW_PS.shp Water Meters WTL_META_PS.shp Flow Gauge WTL_FIRE_PS.shp Block boundary WTL_BLSM_AS.shp